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OK SO I LIED- Last post was me rambling how I am done after my mods I have thus far put onto my girl, but I can't help it- I am working 40 hours a week and going to three summer classes and I have money to spend constantly.. well.. if you pretend my credit debt of 2.5k doesn't exist, that is..

So I have since added to my list with a k&n air filter, SS exhaust hanger (finally time to get rid of bulky passenger pegs) , and steel braided brake lines that I haven't gotten around to installing just yet but I hear there is a good performance plus in doing so.

Now I am curious about rear sprockets, and what mods you have all done thus far.

I see the stock is 42 teeth, but what pros come with getting one with lets say 45 teeth? 50 teeth?

What would be the best idea for me? Besides getting a nice colored sprocket for visual effects, I would also like to see some gain or positive change in performance from this mod just as I have most of the others.

Let me know what you think please, babes! ;D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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