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Sorry it took me so long see this post, this is why:

Dude.... They're still in the planning stages man... I've got WAY too much to do right now. Working 2 jobs and such forth... Won't bore ya. Anyways, currently, my project of necessity is my first bike - 1996 Kaw Eliminator ZL600B2. So far I've rebuild the forks, rebuild the steering neck, reset the valves, rebuilt the carbs, built a new battery box, redid the wiring, and I think a few other things. I still have yet to check, and possibly rebuild the rear swing arm - seals and stuff, get the air cleaners (going to pods), and rework the exhaust before I can put ANY time into my Ninja... My fancy shmancy exhaust setup for the Ninja has been put on hold as well... So, I've been busy, but unfortunately you're going to have just a little bit more patient with me...

Oh, my nerdiness has takin a new hold of me... I'm also currently studying for my General Amateur Radio exam, and practicing a lot of Morse Code... Really silly I know, but really fun! I think it would be cool to work a paddle strapped to my knee from the bike at like 75mph on the highway... Mobile CW HF station. That would be sick! Anyways, sorry for jargon.

Oh, and I'm also studying for my A+ and N+ certifications. Just so you see what's going on in my life. :p Yes, I'm having fun. If you're bored, I can send you some drawings and links to some materials, and you could make them for me? EH? Wink... Wink...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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