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Ok guys and gals. I get a lot of questions from friends on the forums wanting to know how I keep everything so clean on all my bikes. Four wheelers and dirt bikes. I think it's simple. I perform lots of upkeep. However, one thing I do that ensures everything stays perfect is I have a small soda blaster cabinet. Which I take the blaster out of for big parts that don't fit in the little cabinet. None of my bikes have corrosion or rust anywhere because I'm a clean freak on my machines. That being said. I came across this video of a do it yourself soda blasting video la while back when I was researching soda blasting cabinets. I could not find it but I found another little video that I think you guys and gals could use for your small projects. Hope this helps some of you http://youtu.be/KULVhW2tw4I
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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