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So there's the $36 and $45 muffler... Here's my take on them.

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Officially my first post, but I've been lurking for about a month, just gathering info and seeing what's up. I've gotta give props to RedRider and say thanks for the community, it's nice having a collection of people who love the bike that I do. :-*

So, initially I saw RR's pipe and wanted to do something along those lines. I yanked my stock pipe, whipped out my plasma cutter and went to town. I gutted the entire pipe, knocked about 8" off the total length, and took out the secondary "cat". I took some of the mesh "baffles" and re-installed them to keep the noise at somewhat reasonable level, but otherwise there was no restriction. I opened the outlet side of the pipe up to the inlet size, and ran that for the better part of 1500 miles. Exhausts are my vice... I never leave them alone, so with that being said, I started on my second and third slip-on. ;D

I used a stock Yamaha Banshee pipe for my next pipes. Both of my Banshee pipes are full length, full diameter. The first pipe, I cut out the three-pipes-through-a-bulkhead design that the pipes had stock, but left the "turbine" at the end. It's hard to explain, but basically has a cone in the center that forces the exhaust around a series of thin plates, set at an angle and twisted, forcing the exhaust to spiral out... The pipe sounded decent to say the least. It had a nice low exhaust note at idle, and at my normal cruising speed of 60mph/8250rpm, I couldn't even hear it, which was nice. But, put your hand behind the outlet and you could feel how congested the whole system was... So, I had to change that.

Bring on pipe numero tres. This time I gutted the entire pipe, so I just had a tube. My friend had a perforated core from his BigGun exhaust on his yfz450 that had rusted and blown out, and it was the correct length. I fabbed up and entrance and exit cone, so that the core would locate itself, changed the inlet location, and blew the outlet up to 2". After fighting with the pipe and the fiberglass packing, it was all put together and looking cool. 8) It sounds friggin mean. My friends all agree that it's the best sounding pipe I've made. It is loud, but not obnoxiously. It has a very deep and bassy sound to it... Crack the throttle in a garage and you can feel your chest thump.

So far, I have a grand total of... $0 invested in my exhausts. The first pipe is still chrome, the second is blasted with some very high temp paint (that stuff is a joke... my exhaust roasted right through it), and the third is still in it's bare state. Over the winter I'm going to have both of the Banshee pipes Jet Hot coated. Also over the winter I'm going to do my own take on the undertail exhaust kit... hehe. :p

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welcome! looks pretty dope man, need to paint it to restore its exhaust beauty, anyway you can do a video clip?
I'll try my damndest to get you guys a video clip. I live in the boondocks and only have dial-up, but my buddy has high-speed; I'll see if I can get him to upload a clip. I'll try to do a compilation of the exhausts, show you all 3 at a bunch of different RPM ranges and let you guys decide.
Welcome to the club man. Looks mean. I like it. Whats that silver thing under the farring there?
StockWall said:
Welcome to the club man. Looks mean. I like it. Whats that silver thing under the farring there?
Funny you noticed that... or maybe that no-one else has. :)

I had an idea as far as opening the intake, along the lines of taking the snorkel out. I started looking at the air box and saw that the filter cover, if I modified it, would allow air to be pulled in from the side, pre-filter, and still seal against the air filter. I cut it up, and took the bike out for a ride... It was WAAAAAAAAY lean!! So, I shimmed the needles another .060", but still waaaay lean.. So, I got some diamond plate and made myself my own air filter hold down.

hey is that a moto x helmet you got their?
NIICE! I wanna hear that thing lol

+1 for the dial up...my broadband goes out constantly lol.
I've never seen someone make so many different pipes! lol. When you cut the cover for the filter it didnt cause the bike to go lean, what it did is ruined the acustics of the box. Basically the box is tuned to resonate at certain frequencies to help push air into the engine. Any small change to the box can affect it (usually for the worse).

Thanks for the props and welcome to this great community!
I see what you're saying Red. So, if I do the K&N swap and completely remove the air box, will I mess stuff up?

Basically what you're saying is that the stock box needs to be the shape and size it is, and any modification will screw with that boxes resonance. But, changing to no box at all shouldn't adversely affect the bike since it's not relying on resonance...

It makes sense in my head, but I'm having a hard time trying to explain what I mean, haha.

Yep, that is a Moto-X helmet. I ride quads normally, and that's what I had. To save some cash, I'm using that for the rest of the year. I think I'll put the thought in my girlfriends head to buy me a helmet for Christmas.;D

Still working on that video guys, I'll get it up soon enough (that's what he said..haha).
I believe (haven't tested it yet) that doing an open air filter like a k&n would reduce low-end power (supposedly what the box is tuned for) and increase top end because it can pull more air at higher rpm's. Another function of the box is to help "smooth out" the air entering the carbs. Carbs don't like "dirty" or uneven airflow. So if you add a open filter I would recommend putting some tubing after it to help smooth out the flow.
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