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so I have a geo tracker 1.6 sohc and i want to turbo it. i need help

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So far i have decided to go with a junkyard tubo off of an audi or some other simularly small displacement engine.

I made a custom exhaust manifold for the geo last summer 'to give it more ground clearance the exhaust is out of the hood'

I know i can put the pieces together but this is where my questions begin.

1. i guess the turbo would need oil if so how do i tap in to the oil positive pressure in the engine to supply it with said oil?
2. do I absolutely need an intercooler? i don't think so but if i did i could rig one up ;)
3. wastegate, could i use a pressure spring valve from Home depot on the intake manifold that was to release @ 5psi?

The geo is in limp home mode which means it is running very rich 'when the MAS fails the engine runs rich to be safe' so installing extra injectors isn't going to be something I would do.

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hahaha a turbo charged geo tracker! One of a kind.
No you don't absolutely need an intercooler as long as the boost is low and there's enough cooling already. Some turbo cars come standard with no intercooler but you would want to add one if you ever play around with the boost. Like crushedcamber said, just take the intercooler that the turbo was originally attached to.
I would still add one though because the colder the air, the more power you get. Plus turbos can get VERY hot and can damage surrounding parts. Also, if you don't look after the turbo heat-wise it will not last very long.

You have a lot of cheap & easy options there. I'd probably look at getting one off a s4/s5 rx7. They're usually pretty easy to find & you can pick up one of their intercoolers for very cheap. They are small, light & efficient for running low boosts. Bear in mind that the s4 turbo has an internal wastegate, the s5 is external. Otherwise, any small displacement turbo off either a petrol or turbo diesel should do.

And as for the spring, you should be able to quite easily play around with the type of spring to get the psi that you are after. Or you can just pick up a small T-piece tap from any hardware store and use that to alter boost.

As for the oil, I'm not to sure how to do that one. Sorry
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thanks SWE.

The only thing I can't figure out is the oil.
If i save my beans up I can go to the junk yard in the next few weeks and go 'pickin' as it were.

I would like to run under 10psi because of the age of the engine and such, luckily the Timing belt was replaced just prior to us picking it up so that shouldn't be a problem.

The intercooler is looking like a must as I usually go a bit slower through the woods and wouldn't want to cook anything nor fry the rings.

I have experience with 12v fans so hooking one up for the intercooler wouldn't be an issue as i wouldn't be putting it with the radiator due to not wanting to trade heat from one area to another. I already made a custom exhaust manifold for it 'or rather modified the existing one' for ground clearance reasons so adding a turbo wouldn't be an issue as it would most likely be mounted OUTSIDE of the hood just like the muffler ;)

So any small turbo, where would I want to mount the custom 'waste gate' or would the actual impeller side of the turbo have a threaded hole for one?
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virtualmatrix258 said:
hahaha a turbo charged geo tracker! One of a kind.
not really one of a kind but it would be Fing awesome. It already accelerates like a bat outa hell due to no roof 'soft top with role cage' and the doors that weighed almost 80lbs are gone and replaced with chicken wire :)

my arse hole is on fire ;( i took two laxatives cause i was backed up now it burnSSSSSSSSSS
my arse hole is on fire ;( i took two laxatives cause i was backed up now it burnSSSSSSSSSS

haha! maybe next time take one and leave that part out?!?! lmao! :D
haha yeah will do ;)

Anyhow, looks like its going to be easy to grab a turbo, just need a tool kit that's portable and time. I have scouted out a few places that might have one so we shall see.
Tap the head for oil, Tap the pan for the oil return, you need a coolant line also. An go get a T25 a intercooler for the 2nd gen eclipse.. You have to custom a mani but not to hard to have some one do it,. I had a handful of friends that did this to their Civics back in the day. :)
Just get a bigger engine JK . That is what they say when turbo is mentioned on a 250 Ninja forum.
Remember when you run the oil lines. The drain line needs to be bigger than the feed line and the turbo needs to be above the level of the engine oil.
We need pics of this

Have a search on there. The G16A/B get some attention every now and again.
Thanks coin but I've already decided to go with a VW Jetta 1.6-2.0 turbo from E-bay and 'make it work' hah.

I'll post up the rediculous pictures after I get my $$ together to buy the turbo (70$'s) but I'm broke from my new bike purchase :).
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