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smoke it!

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Anybody thinkin' about smokin' out the headlight cover? I am! That would look bad-ass!
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Yea, i wanted to do it. I think I still might. During the winter I am gonna do abunch of stuff.
thats funny i was seriously thinking about that about thirty seconds ago, i was lookin at this others guys bike and was like 'man that would look sick witha smoked headlight.'
I will, and Ill even do a write up........but not till winter. haha
I got some extra tint from my car laying around and Im gonna smoke mine with that. Ive seen a wrx smoked with window tint and it looked clean! You just have to use a blow drier to make it fit the curves. It looks a lot better than the rattle can stuff because its all one even color.
How's that gonna affect night time visibility? You still gonna be able to see or what?
Yeah, I guess you would lose some light coverage. Maybe you could just always drive with your high beams on.

Also, why not just use that tint film to tint instead of the spray on stuff?
I highly recommend NOT using the window tint film on the headlight for 2 reasons:
1: The tint wont like the heat from the headlight. I have not yet gotten a 250r so i dont know how hot the headlight lens gets but either way the adhesive wont like it.

2: Tint is meant to go on the inside of the window for a reason. The direct sunlight on the tint itself will dry out the tint and will make it flake off, which is NOT pretty at all. Also any high speed bugs that may be so unfortunate as to die from the 250r's headlight will also most likely leave a nice little mark in the tint.

I only say this b/c i did this on an old car of mine and it looked REALLy good for about 3 months, then it went downhill from there. Just my .02 though.
The spray stuff is much better IF applied correctly but a lit of people DONT apply it correctly. Her are a couple write ups that explain the correct way of installing Night Shades (the spray on stuff)


hope noone actually put window tint on there light that would be SILLY
Thats great info 24det. Thanks.
I meant more along the lines of using the tint film on your windshield. But I see what you are saying.
try this it worked for me on my scooter. should work for any vehicle really. You can also get different color of smoked headlights. overall this is a good website.

hi guy im new to the site... i agree on not putting tint on the headlights it will come off.
So do you think this is safe for a beginner?
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