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Paul (ThaiNinjaRR), owner/operator of Shinto Racing Products based in Bangkok, Thailand and I have been discussing the possibility of me becoming his US distributor. We have exchanged ideas and are ready to give this a try. Our goal is to offer Shinto products in a such a way that the ordering/delivery process is clear, as well as bring these products to everyone at the best price, providing the greatest value possible.

initially, orders will be placed in batches on the 15th and 30th of each month so that items can be shipped from Thailand to me via bulk ocean freight. this will keep costs down, but of course means waiting for items to arrive stateside (how long this takes will be determined once things are up and running). once i have received the bulk order, i will distribute via USPS and FEDEX/UPS. of course, if you want an item ASAP, orders can always be placed directly through Paul using the current process, and applicable shipping costs will apply. group buy discounts would apply to orders placed through myself.

also, i would like to know what items everyone is most interested in so we can get a sense of what we would need to focus on in terms of manufacturing/inventory. please check out www.shinto-racing.comhttp://http://, don't worry about prices at this time as Paul and I are in the process of working out the details.

let's make this happen people!!!

Thanks to everyone!!

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Nice stuff for sure!! Anything anodized purple is good with me :)
I like the front reservior and gauges!

suggestion: streamline that site it is cumbersome !! simple is best I would have looked longer if it loaded faster.

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very cool stuff. A few suggestions:

- Give a "flash free" version of the site that loads faster.

- Talk to some dealerships - especially the 250R race school in CA, to see if they're interested in this stuff. If you can have 5 dealerships carrying your products, that will ease up on inventory, because you won't just be relying on NN.com...

- If I have a design, maybe even a mock-up, can Shinto manufacture it and bring it to market?

- I'm quite interested in the bell-pan.

- I'm interested in the rear-hugger, but I want something that covers more of the tire, to keep spray off my tail-light... I'll draw something up and post a pic.

Very cool stuff, glad to see this is happening!

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Alright everyone, Paul and I have worked out the details and I am ready to begin taking orders. For those who may not have been following other threads, here are the details.

I have become a US distributor for www.shinto-racing.com. Paul (ThaiNinjaRR), the owner, is based in Bangkok, Thailand. He manufactures all his own products and is open to our feedback in terms of new product offerings. I will place bulk orders to Paul on the 15th and 30th of each month (depending on demand). Orders can be placed via pming myself or at [email protected]. Payments will be accepted via PayPal to the above email. Once I have received the bulk order from Paul, I will distribute via USPS priority (2-3 day) or UPS when appropriate. I am happy to ship to Canada, however there is an additional shipping expense involved which will result in a slightly ($25-$35) higher price per order (not item). Product info can be found at www.shinto-racing.com as well as http://www.youtube.com/user/ThaiNinjaRR#p/u.

Pricing on orders placed though me are as follows:

ShintoUSA Retail Price

Hugger (FG) $135
Reservoir Cover (FG) $35
Belly Pan $150
Fender Eliminator (FG) $70
Screens $60
Tail Light $95
Flasher Relay $19
Rearsets $250
Standard Riser Kit (3,6, and 9mm w/ bolts) (any combiation of 2) $75
Angled Risers w/bolts $65
Grips $40
Bar Ends $35
Weighted Bar Ends $55
Clip-Ons $115
Fork Caps $25

**aluminum products standard in silver/black, $10 for coloring
**all prices include shipping

For products not listed above, email or pm for pricing. Group buy discounts will be available. I will also be offering "kits". Essentially, if related items are purchased at the same time, a discount will be applied for each item added.

For example:

"Clip-On Kit"

clip ons, fork caps, grips, bar ends/weighted bar ends

"Stock Bars Kit"

standard risers, angled risers, grips, bar ends/weighted bar ends

"Rear Lighting Kit"

LED tail light, flasher relay, fender eliminator

(each item added results in 5% discount on total kit purchase)

Any feedback/suggestions are welcome. More info to follow as necessary.

Thanks guys!
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