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Alright everyone, Paul and I have worked out the details and I am ready to begin taking orders. For those who may not have been following other threads, here are the details.

I have become a US distributor for www.shinto-racing.comhttp://. Paul (ThaiNinjaRR), the owner, is based in Bangkok, Thailand. He manufactures all his own products and is open to our feedback in terms of new product offerings. I will place bulk orders to Paul on the 15th and 30th of each month (depending on demand). Orders can be placed via pming myself or at [email protected]. Payments will be accepted via PayPal to the above email. Once I have received the bulk order from Paul, I will distribute via USPS priority (2-3 day) or UPS when appropriate. I am happy to ship to Canada, however there is an additional shipping expense involved which will result in a slightly ($25-$35) higher price per order (not item). Product info can be found at www.shinto-racing.comhttp:// as well as http://www.youtube.com/user/ThaiNinjaRR#p/u.

Pricing on orders placed though me are as follows:

ShintoUSA Retail Price

Hugger (FG) $135
Reservoir Cover (FG) $35
Belly Pan $150
Fender Eliminator (FG) $70
Screens $60
Tail Light $95
Flasher Relay $19
Rearsets $250
Standard Riser Kit (3,6, and 9mm w/ bolts) (any combiation of 2) $75
Angled Risers w/bolts $65
Grips $40
Bar Ends $35
Weighted Bar Ends $55
Clip-Ons $115
Fork Caps $25

**aluminum products standard in silver/black, $10 for coloring
**all prices include shipping

For products not listed above, email or pm for pricing. Group buy discounts will be available. I will also be offering "kits". Essentially, if related items are purchased at the same time, a discount will be applied for each item added.

For example:

"Clip-On Kit"

clip ons, fork caps, grips, bar ends/weighted bar ends

"Stock Bars Kit"

standard risers, angled risers, grips, bar ends/weighted bar ends

"Rear Lighting Kit"

LED tail light, flasher relay, fender eliminator

(each item added results in 5% discount on total kit purchase)

Any feedback/suggestions are welcome. More info to follow as necessary.

Thanks guys!

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GB Pricing!

starting to receive orders. for those that are interested, please start contacting me to take advantage of 7/15 bulk shipment. will wait to 7/30 if necessary. also, OEM seat cowls will be available shortly

also, seems to be a lot of interest in huggers, tail lights, and fender eliminators

GB pricing as follows for 10+

Hugger - 115
Fender Eliminator - 60
Tail Light - 85

don't forget the kit pricing option as well

one more thing:

OEM cowls in black or green - $90 shipped! (group buy $85)

paul can get two of each color per week.

pm or email [email protected]

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