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Okay so I was reversing out of my garage with my new 250 blue which is not even a month old and it got a 2 inch scratch on the rear side by the seat from my garage door rail. Should I use touch up paint? Or what would you recommend?

I almost cried when this happend. Thought I had enough space and which I did to reverse but I was in a little hurry and didn't pay close attention :'(
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oh dude..c mon! droping it would have been a better story than baking it up and scratching it! hahah jk that sucks man by the way welcome....how deep is the scratch? if its minor just get some touch up paint from kawi so you get the same blue so it will match good as gold : )
I can feel it rough when I run my finger over it. It was probably the last beautiful day here in Chicago and I was going to put it away for the winter and this had to happen. I cant even call it a real drop wound.
eh call it a battle scar hahaha, with the garage!
Do these touch up pens work? The scratch is right on the crease on the rear fairing.
to be honest i dont know never done that myself, unless its just paint im sure it will work, but if its deep your going to see a little like dent with blue over it like a wrinkle
i'm not sure, but i heard if the scratches aren't really obvious, try to stay away from touch-ups
it doesn't look as good as most people think...it's more like to cover up big "battle scars" (great term!!)
Maybe I can find some nice vinly to cover it with.
i love that term! hey so waht happened to your bike right here, oh that yeah its a battle scar! looking all tough and macho next to your bike, when in reality you where trying to learn first gear and you fell off hahaha! maybe get a sick sticker to cover up the scratch man i mean the battle scar
consider yourself lucky! The black ninja I bought had been laid down, so i had to sand and repaint the entire right side of the bike... :-\
You'll get over it.
nrhampton said:
consider yourself lucky! The black ninja I bought had been laid down, so i had to sand and repaint the entire right side of the bike... :-\
You'll get over it.
yay buying used!
wow hampton! any other damaged done to it? and cubz just leave it dude, is it really that obvious? ive had minor scratches but wax helped out on hiding them. the touch up paint may really stand out compared ot the scratch, post some pics!!!
If you run your finger nail across it, does your fingernail catch the scratch? If it's not too deep there's some scratch out compound you can get from most auto part stores. If it deep and you can catch your nail, touch-up paint might help but often will still stand out (especially on a 2" section). So maybe scratch remover or vinyl is the way to go.
I feel your pain. I droped an 11000 dollar VFR 800 when it was a week old and dented the tank.
Now that is out of the way you don't have to worry any more. Put a sticker over it and look on E-bay for a replacement part. You can get the right color eventualy.
Touch up can work but practice on something else first
I will have to take a picture of it and post it. Can't believe my first post here was abt a scratch rather than a hello.

Ok, I think I m feeling a sticker. Now lets gets some suggestions. I will wait until spring to think of a replacement for this.
Black tape comes to mind.
And welcome to the forum
That's another good idea you could put electrical tape over it. And make it somewhat artistic.
nah not tape thats cheap just put a cool sticker
Yeah you're right. I read his post wrong he said the scratch was on a crease, I thought he said it was on a seam b/t fairings.

It might be hard to get a sticker for there...

Let's wait for a picture before we give him the "official newninja recommendation on what he should do" haha
PS 600 posts :)
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