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Price: Retails for $250.

Ease of installation:
The seat installs exactly the same way as the stock seat, but I had a few issues getting it in the right spot. It fits, but like a lot of aftermarket parts, it doesn't fit as nicely as the stock. There is a bit of room around the sides where it meets the black plastic side piece, and I had to leave the washer off on one side to get it to fit. It doesn't bother me that much, but if you're someone who likes it to look tight, you might not like that part so much.

It feels great! I very much like the channel in the middle. Very comfortable, even for the ladies and allows some nice ventilation and air movement too! Always nice in the summer. I also feel like it has allowed me to grip more with my legs. Perhaps it has put me into a better position to do this. I plan to do a track day, so I will see how it works in that respect. It is advertised for all round use.

It has the channel in the middle mentioned above and gel pieces. It also feels less pitched forward than the stock, but that may just be my own perception.

Overall thoughts:
Overall, I think this is a great product and I am happy with the comfort it has provided. My only complaint is the fit on the bike. I think that part could have been easily fixed on their part.

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