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Rim Stripes

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I have a black bike and was thinking of putting some rim striping on. Anyone with pics of a black bike with rim stripes? I was thinking either red stripes or maybe a silver or metallic color? I just would like to see some pics before i do it. Thanks.
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I'd like to put some red rim stripes on my bike too, but I'm a little scared to do it myself...haha, don't want to mess it up.
Yeah I do not want to mess it up either. ha. Do you know the best place to buy the stripes?
I got some blue chrome stripes for my blue ninja...they look awesome!!
YOu think blue stripes would look good on a black bike?
Yeah, I think that could look pretty sharp, especially if the rider's gear is matching, lol, but that's the girl in me.
I'm lookin on cyclegear and I can't find em? Would you happen to have a link?
lol...well, it's called a search...and you really are going to call me that, aren't you...
Someone on here posted a pic of their red ninja with the red stripes and that looks pretty good I'm gonna have to say...
That would be me! I did it myself. It's not that difficult, I didn't want to pay anyone to do it! LOL! Came out pretty good I must say!
The ones I got on ebay were pre curved and came on one sheet...4 pieces per side/per wheel. Came with 20 just in case. they went on really easy!
im going to get a red one....what would be a good color rim stripe im having trouble imagining a good color on it.
My bike is black and i went with the silver chrome. Looks damn good. Ill try to take some pics and get them on there.
Lil Red, that looks awesome!! I've been wondering whether to do it to my blue Ninja, and I think I just decided!
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StockWall said:
Rummor.......another chick....great, this is getting out of control.
Nah its ok,

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