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right turn signals aren't working help me out

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So my right side turn signals don;t work, and it also doesn't flash on the gauges like its actually trying,nor does it blink fast like a lights out, its not the bulbs or a fuse, where to look next?
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Perhaps the relay? Not 100% sure where it is located on the 1st Gen, but the more recent models have it located under a panel on the left hand side of the bike under the seat.
Maybe track that down and see if it is the culpret.
Is it possible it's the control on the left handle bar?

I should mentioned this started after my sister dropped it doing maybe 5 mph and she did drop it on that same side everything else works.

When I try to put the right turn signal on, when I go to put the left on I have to be pretty authoritative when pushing it over to work
yup, check out the switch first, and let us know....
i took it apart but i don't see anything wrong it looks to be functioning properly, i think i will order one on ebay and return it if that isn't it.
so it's just the right side, right? the left side works just fine?
yeah the left works fine, but what gets me is that the right doesn't even come on the gauge cluster.
I would say that the entire right side circuit is broken. Maybe the switch didn't get damaged in the crash, but a wire probably pulled out somewhere and made the entire right side circuit loose contact. I would take all the fairings off and inspect the wires front to back....
So a few times the turn signals have worked, but I replaced the switch and that didn't fix it what do you think I should do next?
Sounds like you need to take both rider and passenger seats off and and get a light tester. Turn the key on, but dont start the engine, engage the turn signal that is not working. One at a time, disconnect the wire connectors and check them for power. If I remember correctly, there are 4 connectors. One for the left signal. One for the right. One for the brake light. And one for the license plate light. Sounds like to me, you have a loose connection. Let me know how it works out for you.
What fixed it?

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