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Ride Report - MRA race #1

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So, it's been a crazy week, and I haven't had much time to update you folks. Last weekend I went to the first live race ever, as a spectator. MRA race #1. The Motorcycle Racing Association is the Colorado club racing body. I also decided, on my way there, to explore a road I haven't ridden before. Turns out it was dirt, and it was not comfortable riding. It would more comfortable with everything tied back much further. I couldn't move my body on the bike, or stand up, which made it difficult. I chose to camp out between Saturday and Sunday, and tested a luggage configuration on my 250 for Felix's trip. Decided I didn't like it, and am in the process of reconfiguring it. So, here are the pics:

The camping config.

The dirt road:

The little town of Gold Hill:

Me in the pits, on Sasha's NSK39 knock-off, and goggles, going to check out the rides. That's Sasha's kid, and BTW, Sasha is a bad ass. He totally took me under his wing this entire week-end. I learned so much, and he fed me! CSC is freaking cool! Colorado Sportbike Club....

The man heself - Sasha and his kid:

Some bikes in the pits, ready to be raced:
Thruxton and 675

Bastard of a bike, 500cc dirt bike engine, Ascot Frame, Honda F3 forks, and F2 wheels, etc,etc

Moto GP 250, freakin fast ass 250 I tell ya!

The 250's computer:

Bad ass Van rig:

250's chain, 418, crazy small, like a bicycle chain:

RD350 2-stroke engine in new upgraded chassis and stuff:

Champion of ROR, a brand new RC8. HOT!:

These guys showed up out of nowhere and won the race. A van, mechanic, rider, wet and dry bike. Freakin fast kid!

The wet bike:

HARDCORE: THis guy got injured in a MotoX accident 2 months ago. He still has a few opperations to go, and he's out on the track haulin' balls! He got 4 overall, not bad considering he was in a wheel chair when he wasn't on his bike....

Ricky Orlando's bike, the racer sponsored by my local shop:

Just look at those clouds. A little cold, but almost a perfect day!

Gridded up:

Haulin' ass:

unfortunately out of focus, but this lady was fast as hell!

The top 3, last ROR race, second lap. The gap increased significantly during the race. And wheel-chair guy was healthily in 4th, far away from 5th...

The winners, the top 2 got sponsor ships, and RC8 took the $1K purse. Not much, but a great start to the season....

And that's the wrap.
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Felix, Boar and Delta, I am thinking about racks, in a very similar fashion as Boar's, but without having to sacrifice a seat, and also to rigidity with meta, as opposed to the seat's plastic.... I'll post up when I get there. For this coming week, it's all about the Loser, time to get 'er done!

Ratty, I know, right? Although it might be a gamble.... Which some folks are willing to do. The boss seems to have done for a long time now, and the rider is hot off a couple of motox wins....
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