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I got my bike back from its 600 mile service at the dealership. I went out riding today, and I was STRUGGLING to shift UP.....it just wasn't going....and I didn't want to force it.

Once it does shift up after about a mile of coasting....I cannot shift back down, I step down on the pedal, and nothing happens.

The clutch is fine, has the correct amount of play....and grabs nicely.....but I cannot use the shift pedal!

Anyone have any ideas???


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What it seems like....is if I push down lightly first, before I pull up....it shifts fine

and visa-versa for shifting down.

Not sure whats going on...
why dont you go back to the dealership maybe they did somethign to it
ya defect in the quality of the bike, so take it in! :p
I bought the bike used....no warranty

The dealership didnt do anything different that I know of because I rode it home from the dealership 40 miles and it was fine....and I rode it to work one day.

It's just a weird issue....I think ther is just a little slack maybe???
I would have rang them straight away and played the 'It was fine until you guys worked on it' card. Deffinatly something that you want to get looked at asap, cant have your bike not shifting when needed.


problem is, it worked for about 100 miles AFTER they worked on it.... so that card would be difficult to play.

I will crack it open in the next couple of days, see whats holding it up. It has too much play I think and needs a bit adjustment.

Thanks for the advice though Felix/Dan, I probably will call the dealership Monday.
Depending on the dealership, if they want you back again, they might be nice just have a look for you free of charge. I dont take my ute to a dealer, I have it worked on by my tuning shop, and I've taken it in there quite a few times and they have worked on it for free, cause they know I will be back for more work. One time they spent 1/2 a day on it :| free!


Yeah, dealerships and shops aren't cool here....but I know some about bike repair, and my neighbor is a genius engineer and he has helped me with my subie, my TTR125 and my 250R....so I have the brains, just need the right diagnosis.
When you say you step on the pedal and nothing happens do you mean it wont move? Or it moves, but nothing happens? And you are pulling in the clutch while shifting correct?
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