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rejetting issues

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i have the new 08 ninja. i have the k&n filter area P SO. bought the dynojet stage 2 for it. me and a friend put in the jets since he had more experience working on bikes i knew i would need help. we put in the dj098 jet put the e-clip on the third groove of the needle and adjusted the fuel mixture screws turned out 3 full turns( recomended by dynojet in instructions). dj098 is the recomended jet when the bike has k&n and a SO. that night it ran to rich and loaded the plugs. yesterday bought the hotter plug and turned the fuel screws down to 2 1/4 turns.runs way better BUT now when the bikes fuel vaccume under the tank is turned on it will run for about 5 miles then will die (as if there is no fuel). i checked all lines and they are on correctly. put the under the tank on PRI and it wont die. now i get a popping in the exhaust and it seems like from take off it screams. when it hits 6rpms it has the flat spot till 8rpms and in 5th and 6th the bike doesnt pull as hard as stock.if i cant get the d%$# thing running right i will just put it back stock. i did about 5 test runs before i came to the conclusion 2 1/4 turns of the fuel screws is where it needs to be.i even tried stock adjustment at 1 3/4 turns out. maybe i need to size the jets up (dj100) or down (dj096). any help would be greatly appreciated.i am currently running the bike on the PRI circuit cause the bike is all i have to get to work on till i fix my car.
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The PRI is free flow of fuel. Sounds like your have a bad vacuum hose somewhere your your carbs arent in sync. If your carbs arent sucking propperly it will run bad. When the bike is on PRI the fuel flows by gravity, probably why the bike still runs. Is something pinched?
no nothing is pinched im going to buy the service manual today and maybe theres a hose crossed somewhere but there are only 7 vacume lines and u only remove four of them to get the carbs out
the stge 2 kit only comes with dj94-96-98-100. the recomendation 98 came with the kit. i will definatly change it to the 100 tonight. and turn the fuel mixture screws out to 3 turns as directed by the dj kit. and tune it either up or down from there. thx.
I had to get 110 jets for mine also . Still may be a little lean in cold weather. But 98 is probubly to lean.
They sell carb sync device on Ebay .

sounds like there is somthing wrong with the vacume operated fuel valve system.
the vacume hoses are hookesd up correctly im going on that the vacume side has something clogging it cause will stay running under open throttle but as soon as u let off it falls on its a%$ and u have to prime to restart. still running on pri and no problem. the dj100 helped it out alot. set the e-clip on the 4th groove down also. still got popping during deceleration. throttle response and topend is back. will try it out on 5th and 6th groove tonight. if popping persist then will move up to bigger jets. will also replace the under tank pump to see if my problem is corrected. thank all of you for your advice.
Here is an article that talks about the real deal with rejetting.
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