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I'm building a black and red Ninja 250R and i've been looking around for red stickers to replace the Ninja sticker, and also one to cover up the OEM Kawasaki logo on the tank. i've found a couple pictures of people who have done it so i know there's some out there. but every one i find is weirdly sized and stuff like that. Here are a couple of the pictures i found. i know i've seen someone do the Kawasaki lettering in all red too. I'd be fine with that, or the black and red lettering (though the bottom one is noticeably larger than original). And then the red Ninja decal for the fairings i also really want to find but can't find in the right size. If anyone knows where to get these or something very close that would be great. i really want to make them red because it's the only thing i haven't gotten to do yet in my colour scheme. but i don't want to have to re paint my tank and everything to get rid of the kawasaki one. Thanks!


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