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Rear Stand

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I have been trying to locate a rear stand for a decent price. Does anyone know where i can locate a good stand for a good price?
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www.motosport.com ? They had one for like 90 bucks on the front page although I don't know what cheap is to you
I think that is a good price. Of course you can always check out ebay.
I bought the rear T-Rex stand from eBay. The same company also has a website you can buy it from. http://t-rex-racing.com/
Thanks minizoom. i like the t-rex stands not bad. I found some @ motorcycleramps.com and those are cool 2. For $89.99 for both front and rear. ;D
How important or needed is a front stand?


Not really unless ur swapping out front wheels all the time (like racing).
whats the poin of the rear stand? maintenance? just a stand? lol
I think it's so you can have the back end off the ground? Let's the rear wheel spin free and all that. Could be helpful lubing/cleaning the chain.
i think i might invest some money in one then id think i would use it alot
Kinda hard to clean and lubricate the chain/sprockets without one :)
Yeah, I tried to tighten my chain with out one.....and it sucked.
So thats a no to front, and yes to rear.


yea it def looks like ebay is the way to go for the rear stand 49 is the cheapist prolly any ware
I like Nicks rear stand on his "shimming the carbs" video. Free for me. haha
Just found one on flyncycle.com $40.00 US.
When you are looking for a stand for a 250 what does "swing arm" mean? Do we need to buy a stand with or without swing arm. I don't know enough about stands to bikes to know if I'd be buying the right kind to work with my Ninja or not. Does anyone know forsure?
the swing arm is what your tire is mounted on. you can get two types of stands, one that uses swing arm spools(spools screw in to swing arm) and one that lifts the bike by the swing arm itself. there are also stands that can do both.
Okay... Thats what I was thinking the swing arm was but just wasn't sure. I don't want to end up getting the wrong thing. So pretty much any rear stand would work for the 250? What would be the easiest to work with? I don't want to end up buying a crap stand just because it's only $40. I'm willing to spend more if it will get me a decent one.
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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