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thank you everyone for not helping.zero interest.
No offence, but that is not the way to entice someone to answer your question, being polite goes a long both here and in the real world.

As Morgan46 said, some more information would be helpful like your year and model of bike. This site started out as a 250 site, but has grown to include all Kawasakis over the last couple of years. We can no longer assume that you have a 2008-2012 Ninja 250R.

Also, another tip is to use the search function which will bring you many different results with out having to ask a vague question that no one can answer.

And lastly, what you are chasing is not related to the rear fender, but is actually the tail, and you areafter a Solo seat cowl.:thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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