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Rear Fender, GONE!

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Well, I did it. I got rid of the whole rear fender. Cutting it short just wasnt enough.
Heres a Photoshopped picture of what I wanted it to look like.

But as my neighbor said, "It takes Balls!" Taking out screws is one thing, but making that first cut into a perfectly good wire is another.

I have pictures but the 'upload folder' is full, so if you want to see the final product drop me your e-m and I'll pass 'em along. In the mean time...

Heres what I put on

It’s actually pretty straightforward. I pulled the license plate off, then cut the wires going to the plate light and the turn signals. I meant to buy a Dremmel to cut off the rear section but realized I hadn't done it after I started. I ended up using a razor blade... yes, the plastic is that soft. I put the plate where I thought it would be seen the best, marked the holes with an awl then made my first incision of this open heart surgery. I drilled out all four holes for the license plate then found out that when I drilled the lower left hole I actually pushed loose the flasher unit (at least that’s what I think it was). So, no bottom left bolt. The top two bolts are the LED's so I had to run the wires through first (and had to re-drill the holes a little larger). That was simple enough. Only problem I had was wire connectors… I didn’t have any. I was all out and ended up just twisting the wires together and wrapping them in electrical tape. I DO plan on getting some connectors this weekend and doing it right.

Then came the turn signals. :'( I had already lopped off the original signals so I was committed. I had to eye-ball the placement and mark with a grease pencil. Then I drilled the first hole into the beautiful blue plastic. Not only did I have to drill two mounting holes but I also had to drill a larger hole for the wires. If you look close you can see that I over tightened the left screw on the right signal. It cracked the plastic and now theres a gap… No touch, No touch! I’m not gonna mess with it, no tightening, no loosening, nothing! If it falls off - then I’ll fix it.

Throughout this project I did have the good sense to pull out the ole’ multimeters just to be sure I was putting power where it needed to be. And as you would expect (in my case at least) the ground wires and return wires were almost the same color and were solid, the “hot’ wires were striped.

After getting the first signal wired up, I gathered the courage to turn the key and hit the signal… IT WORKS!!! Well, if the first one was that easy I’ll just slap the last one together and “I’ll be darned, it works too! And on the first try!”

No directions, no experience, no help… Why was that so easy? I started at 1:30 in the afternoon and was done by 4:30 (of course no one was there to interrupt me).
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[email protected] Picts pleeeeez! thanks!
That is so sick...shows what you can do if you take your time. I'm getting the material together to do my fender eliminator and I'm going to order these LED's for the license plate. ;D
Bravo to you getting over the fear of cutting up you bike. HAHA, I know I went through the same thing when I first got mine. You can upload pics to a site then post the link on here. pretty simple. Good luck. Now your a mod addic.. haha
Out of interest for those worried about stuffing up their rear fender, has anyone seen what a new assembly costs?


I think it is like 85 bucks or something. I remember reading something about it.
tom_di said:
Have any bigger pics?
Oh shit sweeeet dude! Thats a nice looking bike, I dont mind that color too much. Looks really nice in the sun.
That looks really good the only thing I dont like abou it is the big ass turn signals they just stick out like a sore thumb. But you did a really good job on the cuttting youve got more balls then me I got the shop to install mine.
Man, that takes serious guts to do that, but it really looks good. It really cleaned the rear up alot. Where did you get the idea to mount your signals there, had you seen it before, or did it just come to you- either way it looks friggin sweet.
Ya know, I bought those lights off ebay and just assumed they would be a little smaller. Once I saw the size, and the direction of the bulb, it was pretty much decided for me. The lights are mounted at the widest point of the rear section (without overlapping black and blue). The bulbs are both pointing out (to the side). If I would have turned the lights any other way they wouldn't have as good visibility.
Felix said:
Out of interest for those worried about stuffing up their rear fender, has anyone seen what a new assembly costs?

if ya mess it up to bad trying to mod, its not an expensive piece to replace

35015 SKU: 35015-0020
FLAP-COMP 1 $25.42

25 bucks, sweet! Who cares if you stuff it up, least you'll have some spare bits.

I was going to just get a comp werkes, but I might have a crack at it with some tools first.


Well, I bought the Dremmel. First thing I did was cut my inspection sticker off the dealer's lisence plate frame. I'm too lazy to find a place to mount it... so its in my trunk. I'll just wait until it needs to be renewed then I'll put the new on "on" the bike.
Next thing I did was cut the bolt holes off the cargo hooks. I noticed the plastic around the tail light was kinda sloppy, you know, loose. So I cut the bolt holes out and remounted them like clamps. Heres a pic, I got caught in the rain on the way to work Friday so its a little dirty.


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i'm super confused by this
the pic is bad quality
demand more and better pics!
Sure, why not? If a cop pulls up behind me he can see it with no prob
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