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Rear Cowel?

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I was wondering if it's possible to get additional rear cowels (I think thats what they're called). I want one thats a backseat and one thats like either the stock one or a sport one thats kinda like a brace so your ass doesnt slide right off the back of the bike as easy.

Anybody have one of these or know where to get one?

Thanks :)
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Umm, it comes with the pillion seat from factory and you can buy a cowl from the factory or ebay.


wait it comes with the seat on the back?

so if i buy one like right now (through some miracle), it'll look just like the one in the top left corner of the screen?
yeah man.. if you actually get a bike sometime soon and the '09's ship like my '08 did it will just just like RedRider's up there on the top left. Some may think that's a stupid question but I actually had the same question myself. If you look for pictures of the 250's on the web many of them are shown with the seat cowl for some reason. It actually ships with the seat and then you have to pay extra if you want to get the cowl. I think it's kind of stupid though if you ever plan to have any passenger at all on the back of your bike. I mean, who wouldn't want a hot girl to ride with them if they had the chance. I would never eliminate that opportunity. Although it's easy to switch them out if you need to. My wife rides with me a lot though so I would never consider spending the money on a cowl. I'd rather put the money towards a fender eliminator or something.
true that!, hey roadrunner when youhave a passanger do your rmps jump a bit higher? i know when i ride alone on the highway in sixth gear and at 6000 rpm im right at 70 mph. if i have a passanger and i wanna be at 70mph i have to be at 6500rpm, is your bike the same way?
You know honestly I've never really paid attention to what my RPM's do with our without my wife on back. She's only about 99 lbs soaking wet but I can tell a difference when she's on there with me. I'm sure the RPM's probably do raise a little. Everything feels different with her on there as I'm taking off though. I weigh about 165 so that's over 250 lbs on a bike that only weighs 333 lbs. dry weight. I'm sure it has to work a little harder but I'm pretty impressed how well it still performs with us both on there at once.
cool cool, oh yeah it makes a big diff with a passanger turns different stop different. 99lbs what im like 130 and then have to carry another 140 with me or so hahaha, my sister is heavy!
haha.. we need to get you someone besides your sister to ride with you. =) maybe someone in a string bikini. =)
hahaha s*** your telling me, i only give my sister rides usually to and school, i would give other girls rides but some are to scared, and they dont have gear you atleast have to wear a helmet and gloves cause my gas tanks gets pretty hott!
you don't have an extra chick helmet?

I'm actually factoring that into the costs of buying a bike lol
haaahaah good idea! nah no extra just one and my sis has one we both have gloves i just have a jacket, i dont think other girls would like to wear my sis helmet....
ehh its better than no helmet lol
Hey R6S, Did i read your post saying at 70 you are at 6000 rpm.I have talk to a lot of people we are at 9000
maybe on a 250, but on a 600 muahhhhhhhhhhh muahhhhhh! oh the beauty hahah jk i guess different cc bikes have different rpms to keep tha hp up
Added weight

When you add weight on a bike it does affect gas mileage, it also affects stopping distances and handling, especially when riding uphill.
oh yeah man handeling changes it all if they dont lean feels so heavy! and stopping i have to do it sonner than usual
I like how this thread is called "rear cowel" and everyone is talkin' RPM.
Ha...I'm at 8k at 70mph, but I only weight like 150...
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