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Rattys Ninja Arrives!!

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yes you heard correctly my ninja was delivered yesterday afternoon :)

I've got the green and i love it, 5 months since i originally ordered and finally :p

only thing is i currently cant ride it!!
i had to get it "delivered" which to my dismay meant the dealer rode it here :/ but yeah :p
so it arrived with 11k'a, i was so close to being the first to ride it, damn you finger!!

im looking forward to when my fingers good enough to ride it and then ill take and post some pictures for you all.
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sweet man congrats! how cheap dude thats no delivery! they need a truck to haul it their their ass was the first to break her now you got sloppy seconds : ( but hey atleast you got it, man i could not wait that long for a bike! once again congrats and get them pics up man! we wont believe it till we see it!!!!
haha will do. probably next weekend unless i take a few of it in the shed
congrats dude.

*cue felix with the this thread is worthless without pics emoticon*
welcome back to the light luke
Congrats. :) Don't push that finger. let it heal ......chant mantra chant ...heal
its been a struggle zartan but its been a day and i haven't riden it yet lol.
he is lying he dont have a bike, i mean come on look hes a ausland "biker", geek, chef he would have already posted pics by now! i agree with delta this thread is usless without pics man!
Ratty you can find other things to do.
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oh wait can you drink over there at 18.. i am not suggesting you do anythin ILLEGAL
ahahaha! Zartan you're too much!

Congrats ratty! Cant wait for some pics but yes indeed let that finger heal.
haha im not aloud to drink until im off my medication :p

but cheers to that day!!
Thanks for the cue!

GREAT NEWS! Really happy for you, going to go to the Aussie thread and change your status :p Glad you stuck it out, even if your dealer was a putz to start with.

Its going to be a painful wait until you can ride it man, but good to hear your rolling.


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Wow sloppy felix....it took you a whole 6 hours and 4 minutes to finally post that lol.
pictures as requested.

much better ones to come as i can ride again lol

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shh im working on that lol it buggered up on me
Sounds like a good time to cut that fender! If you can work with one hand?? Take care of that finger or it will be that much longer until you ride.
bloody pictures still arent doing what i want lol

haven't tried working on it yet, right hand is still too sore, can't wait to though!
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