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Hey all..
Im a new member here and thanks for all the usefull information stored in this forum.! ?
I have read over and over about the ratteling sound comming from the original CCT on the zx10r. I thougt that i had the same problem but after replacing the CCT with at new one the bad sound is still there.
I hope some of you can help me here before i split my engine to bits.?
I have the zx10r 2004 and when i rep up to just over 3000rpm a loud ratteling sound starts. Only when im hard on the gas while riding the sound seems to stop but when im of again it comes right back.
The bike have 28000km on it ( sorry for metric ?)
Im thinking that it might be the cam chain guide that may be the issue but am i all wrong..?? Please help a man in need..??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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