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This will make you feel way more better, and lucky hehe.

When I was 12 I was spray painting something, I think it was one of my old models but I can't remember. It was flat black and my dad's brand new Audi Turbo was not 10 feet from where I was spraying. Well, like an idiot I wasn't watching where I was spraying, or spraying into like say, the WIND!! So I'm done with whatever that little project was and I turn around and my dad's brand new Audi has a new paint job, its white with black flake. I freak out and decide to take some paint remover and just go to town on this car. Keep in mind I'm just a kid, not retarded :p.

The end result was horrific. I had successfully blended the white and black paint together and it was now a gray on one side, and white on the other. I just gave up, went inside and told him what I had done. I was grounded, well until he died, new paint job cost him $2k. It was just an awful, horrible, unlucky day. I've not used a spray paint can since, seriously lol.
You little bastard, lol hahaha ;D .
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