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R6S Ride

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Dude...your yami would look DANK with some training wheels! I'm telling you, gold rimmed!! ahahaha

Looks like you had fun! Although none of the pics came up...is it just me??
Hey R6 have you gotten your full motorcycle license yet or do you still have the learners permit?
nah i still just have a permit... what pics man should only be 3 videos!
dude those are sweet. i already watched them but still.
is that software working? could you turn your video right side up?
nah i could not do it, sorry guys!
ah okay now I see them, wow lol. Were you swirving boy! Shit dude thats gonna cost you, no jacket? ahahaha I bet you got poofy skater shoes on too!!

Nice videos, they were fun to watch, now start vlogging, talk about sheep or something! :p

babababa da da dun da da dun!!!
yeah swerving in and out of cars! yeah no jacket a sweater and jacket over it and jeans and skate shoes hahaha gloves and helmet...its just how i roll hahaha, thanks delta!
As long as you go home in one piece unscathed than I can sleep at night ahaha.

You should sing a song for us next time!
The song that you must sing is: "Twinkle ,Twinkle Little Stars" R6. hahah lol I would love to see you sing.
aww your so sweet virtual ; ) hahaha its the only way i best come back home! hahaha i cant sing delta but i can scream!
DUDE!!!! Scream like a little girl ahahahaha!!!
hahaha no i have a high pitch scream and then i can go real low like that metal, hardcore bands hahaha
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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