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Question for D.C. area riders, from a country boy in Ohio

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Whats the traveling like in DC and metro areas outside DC?

Whats the weather normally like out there?

This all leads into my main question; is it even be worth my while to bring my 250?

I just would hate to bring it, if it would not be functional, and I am looking for some advice.

(Remember I come from the country roads and highways of Ohio :))
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North of DC Just around Fredrick Maryland is some of the best riding on Earth. To the south is Skyline drive and the Blue ridge parkway.
The also have race tracks if you are into that sort of thing. Where are you staying around DC ?
subiedriver07 said:
Whats the traveling like in DC and metro areas outside DC?
...(Remember I come from the country roads and highways of Ohio :))
Well DC and the metro area is definitely not country road riding. If you want that, you may have to get outside of the metropolitan area. Areas north, west and south are where you will find more open and less congested roads. When you get there, you may want to head south on George Washington Pkwy ( stop in Old town Alexandria while you are there) towards Mt. Vernon (Home of the 1st president, for a short ride) or north towards Mclean. Get on Georgetown Pike (193) and head out to historical Leesburg. If you continue out Rt 7 to Rt 9 (Charles Town pike) towards Charles Town, WV. You'll find some nice hills and twisties and if you are a betting man stop in the Casino (Charles Town Races and Slots) and bet on the ponies. Harpers Ferry is not to much further on Hwy 340. It is nice and scenic. When you get ready and feel adventurous, head over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to Branch Ave then to Crain Hwy (US 301) and head south on 301 thru (past Fort Washington)MD back into VA to Ft. A.P. Hill. Nice ride too. I-66 to I-81 will get you to areas along Skyline Drive (Luray Caverns, Shenandoah National Park, Va). Depending on where you start, you may wind up having between an 1-2 hr ride one way.

You can look at google maps to find hotels and plan a route.
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