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question bout tires

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what is the biggest rear tire you can fit on a 250r without major mods like stretching or changing the rims?
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Actually several people have fit a 150 on the rear without pinching or issues...
SCninja-where in SC are you?
Actually there are some select 150/60/17 that are the biggest and widest that have been put on a stock rim, although not highly recommended as you would not necessarily use the complete width of the tire.

Me personally, I would not go any bigger than a 140. Regardless of how wide of tire you manage to put on the 3.5 inch rim, only about 3.2 inches of rubber will contact the ground. (contact patch).

Tires available for the 2008 & up Ninja 250R

i'm in Aiken SC, right on the GA border between Columbia SC and Augusta GA
ok cool. I'm down in Beaufort. We should meet up and hang out or ride sometime...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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