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Queensland - come get your drag racing on!

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Trying to drum up support for a Bike day at Willowbank.

Basic format is bit over 2hrs of ONLY BIKES on the track. Last time I did this, I got almost 20 runs in!!! We need over 50 bikes for Willowbank to make this a regular thing.

Cost is $55 that gets you into the Test and Tune afterwards as well. So that means you can get even more runs or can just chill and watch some other odd vehicles race.

First one would be around 28th May and if it works, we'll look at doing 4 a year.

Doesn't matter if you've never been down the track before, it's GREAT fun, you're not racing anyone except yourself. Plus it's great to open your bike up in a safe environment!


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Sounds like fun. Must remember to get that day off work
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