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Protecting wires from heat?

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I put a fender eliminator under the exhaust of my new ZX6r yesterday. Everything went smoothly except for one thing.

I used LED light bolts on on the license plate but I'm worried about the wires being so close to the heat of the exhaust. For now I used some L brackets and zip ties to keep the wires away from the exhaust, but something more heat resistant would be nice.

What kind of heat shielding should I use, and where would I get it? I called Autozone and the guy I spoke to wasn't much of a help.

Here's a couple of pictures:

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Oops. Can a mod please move this to the correct section? Sorry, I'm new here :bonk
It's in the right section... :) You can insulate the exhaust with fiberglass heat wrap tape... I'm not sure what you could to insulate just the wires...
Oh okay, thanks. :) I was thinking of using heat resistant electrical tape but I'm not sure the adhesive would last with the constant oven that is an Arizona summer.
You can also buy fiberglass insulated wire. Most likely a special order from a true elec shop, not a home improvement store.

Check it hot here.
Thanks Fry! That looks to be exactly what I need. Now I just need to find a place where I don't need to buy it in bulk. Probably 10 feet of it should do.
If you can't find a electric supply company that can sell you a few feet, try old heating appliances and light fixtures. Ovens and clothes dryers are a good source for a couple feet. You'll most likely find something in the 18-16AWG range. A lot larger than you need, but a lot cheaper too! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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