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how much experience do you have? How many miles does the bike have? What type of roads are you traveling? How much traffic? What are the speed limits where you usually ride? Are the roads clean or do they have sand/dirt/dust/slime/rain/moss on them often?

I generally accelerate HARD up to the speed limit at which point I click through to top gear and cruise at the limit on my regular commutes... Cops hate me. :p On a fun canyon run, I don't really let it drop below 8K. Having said that, I never let the engine spin at high RPM if it doesn't need to. I'm comfortable with shifting, and so I just shift to which ever gear I need. EX: 65mph up a canyon in top gear = 6,800rpm with my gearing, and I downshift to 3rd if I need passing power, which puts the RPM's close to 11,500rpm. After i pass the car, I go back to top gear.... That's me and my riding style though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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