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Bought a Dririder Hurricane Suit Black with all the rain we have been having.


- Completely dry in pretty bad rain
- Fits over boots
- Reflective bits


- Takes a while to get on :p
- Zips catch internal lining when not paying attention zipping up
- Makes me look like a fatty and flaps in the wind :D

Overall happy, keeps me dry in crappy weather.



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Nice all-weather suit Felix. Yeah if it's rain ( and alot of it ) you're dealing with, it's the way to go.

I know what you mean about things catching on stuff. I do the same thing with my Tourmaster jacket, try zipping up and the velcro on my wrist graps the the main zip storm flap . And what was worse, I had something going on with my helmet catching on the collar, ( and it was always as I turned my head . . . lol ) . Had to go so far as to make an anti-velcro patch to cover the offending area , sic . Velcro is our friend / Velcro is our enemy. :D
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