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Anyone hear about this? - This isn't good news.. I'm trying to sell my ninja 250 but it looks like they are all worth about -$1500 less than what they use to be. I found this on a nother forum....

Kawasaki Announces Substantial Price Rollbacks
Wednesday April 6, 2011 at 08:54:51 PM by chris |

Kawasaki today announces substantial price rollbacks to a wide variety of its motorcycle and ATV line up including Australia's favourite and highest selling motorcycle, the Ninja 250R. With some models receiving up to $1,500 reduction on its regular retail price, the time has never been better to buy a new Kawasaki.

Australia's highest selling motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is now even more appealing thanks to a substantial $1,500 price rollback effective immediately. The price rollback is applicable to both the Ninja 250R and Ninja 250R Special Edition.

The Kawasaki Ninja 650R ABS and its Learner legal variant, the Ninja 650RL ABS both receive a generous $1,000 price rollback as does the ER-6n ABS (and Learner legal ER-6nL ABS) and the Versys ABS (and Learner legal Versys 650L ABS).

The model that won last years Australian 600 Superstock Championship, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is now even better value thanks to a $1,000 price rollback and Australia's favourite Adventure Tourer, the KLR650 receives a generous $500 price rollback.

This announcement of Kawasaki price rollbacks is not just restricted to Kawasaki's motorcycle range with the KFX90 kids ATV receiving a $400 price rollback.

Kawasaki is reacting to current market activities with the announcement of these substantial price rollbacks. The price reductions show that Kawasaki is leading the way in making quality motorcycle and ATV products more accessible to the Australian public.

With the Kawasaki 900 Vulcan range and KLX250 range receiving price rollbacks less than 12 months ago, Kawasaki has now implemented price reductions on more than half of its road motorcycle range. The time really has never been better to "Let the good times roll" and get onboard a Kawasaki.

Ninja 250R $1,500 price rollback. Was $7,499 RRP now $5,999

Ninja 250R Special Edition $1,500 price rollback. Was $7,699 RRP now $6,199

Ninja 650R ABS (incl 650RL) $1,000 price rollback. Was $10,999 RRP now $9,999

ER-6n ABS (incl ER-6nL) $1,000 price rollback. Was $10,499 RRP now $9,499

Versys ABS (incl 650RL) $1,000 price rollback. Was $11,999 RRP now $10,999

Ninja ZX-6R $1,000 price rollback. Was $15,999 RRP now $14,999

KLR650 $500 price rollback. RRP was $8,499 RRP now $7,999

KFX90 $400 price rollback. RRP was $3,899 RRP now $3,499

(All RRP prices include GST. RRP does not include ORC or dealer charges)

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Hmmm, does it backdate to July last year?? I hope so!!!!

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Good point. I've ridden before I got the 250R. I would've got my bike that I really wanted, but the wife said I can only spend 3k. lol

Couldn't ask for a better set of people to talk and hang out w/ though. I'm happy with the choice I made. :)
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