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posting pictures

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how do i post pictures and a video of my bike i did a custom exhaust and too k pics..any help will do
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Once the files are on your computer, goto tinypic.com for pictures or YouTube.com for videos, upload them from your computer and you will get one of two things:

Tinypic: use the "message board and forum code" they post once you are done uploading and post it directly here.

YouTube: use the URL (web address) of your video and put the following tags before and after the video: [ I m g ] your URL [ / I m g]

Take the spaces out of the letters and brackets of img. This will embedd the video on the site. Hope this helps.
I use photobucket.com as well.


+1 for photobucket then copy and paste.
I need to make a How to post pics thread. hmm if I get lazy enough
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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