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Shinto is very legit.... But if everything runs smooth, you're still looking at a minimum delivery time of 1 month.... If everything doesn't run smooth, if heard report of items taking 8 months to arrive.... They need to get some inventory stateside, and then hopefully things will go better.. Unfortunately, they're going to have to carry A LOT of inventory, with as many options as they offer on that site....

I'm sure they're great in Indonesia where you could just drive to guys shop, but that's just too long to wait. I'm sorry.

Vince, the USA side of it, is a great communicator, and I have full faith in him. Paul, the Indonesia side of it seems to be a solid, honest dude (never communicated with him myself). It seems to be a lot of external influences making life difficult for them. But I think the cost savings are out-weighed by the ridiculous wait time.... So really, in a few years, after all the growing pains, if they're still around, it might be a good place to buy. However, the rear-set rellocator plates I bought from them will be the last order I place with them for a while.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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