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Hi there guys..My mechanic tells me that the new ninja comes with ECM chip n no carb..so no option for jetting and installing dynojet kit..he is advising me sprocket change and ECM remapping...pls advise
Put your baffle/silencer in your exhaust, then grin and bare it. Slip ons make noise. Basically what you've done is take a heavily baffled system and put a thin, hollow metal can on. So any extra noise your exhaust makes is now amplified. Not unless u are willing to pay some bucks for a re-mappable ECU, you may be stuck with the noise regardless.

A far as sprockets go, they have nothing to do with the exhaust directly. Changing the sprockets will lower your rpms so they are not as high. The right combo will lower you rpm speed but still allow normal operating speeds. However you can change the way the intake responds by changing the way up operate the throttle. Stop going from open /full open throttle to completely shut. Gradually ease off the throttle. This will help a little with the popping noise.

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