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OH yeah. just got back from a long weekend down at the Island :) my brain is swollen after being subjected to constant injection of sexy bike sounds and high speed thrills. Each lap 18 or so 200hp speed machines thunder past with a roar that could kill a small poodle.

The 125cc and 250cc were almost as impressive to watch. The 125's cost $280,000AUD to RENT for a year. they weigh 70kg and have twice the hp of the ninja250, reach speeds over 250km/h. The 250cc machines make over 100 horsepower, weigh about 100 kilos and are only 3 seconds slower than the moto gp bikes around the island track. Though the 2 strokes are fast, the big 800cc four strokers gp bikes are insanely powerful and exciting to watch. as they turn the last bend on the circuit they are doing 190km/h. then they slam the throttle wide open and the rider must steady the beast as the traction control tries desperately to maintain grip but the are juts too many horses, and the whole bike drifts out of the turn and up to 320km/h. f&*$ing so good to watch.

The expo was cool, i sat on some bikes, trying to decide what bike i will upgrade to next year. lots of attractive females in tight clothes with product logos printed across their bulging chests. it truly is heaven. I saw 3 other ninja 250s in the motorbike parking lot. 2 black and one red. i think one had a two brothers slip on, but it could have been another brand.

Did anyone else go to moto GP Australia??? i might post pics next week
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