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People ANYWHERE Near houston? or Tx for all the matter... xD

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Hey fellas I'm new to this site and at the moment I do not own a bike but I plan on buying one within the next year. It's gonna be a ninja 250 too :p

Anyone from the Houston/katy area? Or Anywhere near Tx? I'm lookin for people to ride with once I get a bike...I know a couple peopel here with bikes but still. I'd like to know more because riding with a group is just cool :)
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Didn't I already welcome you in a different thread?
Im new to this site as well and dont have a bike yet, planing on the 08 ninja 250. i live in bastrop near austin. i hope to have my bike befor december but i dont know.
There is a dealership in north austin that i plan on getting it from. im going to look at em this weekend caz there website says they have the 08's so i guess we'll see.
welcome fellow Texan, I live in the Texas panhandle.
Dallas texas here,... Hope u get ur bike sooner. Hey.. Fyi.. Look into craigslist in your area u will find a good number of 250s for sale. Good luck. And everyone else in tx we should get together one of these days.
Katy huh? I used to live in the Woodlands near Conroe, I'm in New Orleans, La, now but i would LOVE to ride through texas again. I'm getting my bike in september after basic, when i do i would love to ride with ya.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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