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They come with built in maps so you can plug and play ,I've just bought a pcV for my 2010 zx6r and it has maps built in but I'm sticking mine into a tuner for them to do a custom map,I'm running de-cat pipe worx exhaust and k+n filter !soon hopefully will get full de-cat headers too !

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Hey mike,
As morgan said, the PC5 comes with built in maps with a variety of options, so you just need to pick the one closest to your setup and then you can modify it if you find some gaps.
Another option is getting the Auto tune which modifies your map on the fly, and at the end of your ride, you can accept the changes and gradually get the perfect map.
Other wise, as Morgan said, take it into a shop with a dyno and get it set up that way.
BTW, Welcome to the site, and I hope you stick around. We have a growing population of new ZX10R riders here, and you guys can bounce some ideas off each other.
Take the time to introduce yourself to the gang in the New member section and post up some pics of your bike when you can!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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