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So I had a small spill going 5mph and my front flairing scratched and signal light is busted. Anyone know where I can get a pre-painted one for a decent price? And good place to find right front signal light? I am in Chicagoland area if that helps.
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55028C $233.42


Turn signal - I have one that's a little scratched up would sell you for just a few bucks if you'll mail the old one back... I'm looking for the plug.

It's easy and fast, and hard to beat man!
I will have to go to the crash site and retrieve the signal, now which is the large right side fairing?
Spooph do this fairing have the ninja decalson them? Cause the one from ebay don't..
hahaha cubz 08. that was funny.

sorry i don't really ahve anything to contribute to this thread.
Cubz, I posted the number of the correct part corresponding to the schematic I provided the link for...


The "C" is the red version.

I also posted the number for a stock turn signal replacement with that link.

Good luck!

Hi-Tech, I don't think the Fairings come with stickers. They might, but I can't give you a definitive answer one way or the other. The stickers also do have part numbers, would you like me to provide them?
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I have been checking out the site .. Thanks fo the info spooph. Great site.
you're welcome! And keep in mind, that's not the only site that has parts, it's just the one I've always used and am pretty freekin comfortable with it. There are others that shouldn't necessarily be avoided. :p Shop around, always search for the best deal! I meant to provide an example of sorts... :D
Ok after some search I found some good pricing for the fairing.

The entire right side is one big piece and I was able to find the a OEM painted for under $200.

http://www.partsdepotstore.com/ Ask for Ed if any of you need parts. Waiting to get my fairing and will keep it on the side until riding season is over so if I crash again I wont have to cry so much.
cubz lmk if that is a good site to order from and how long did it get to you. i need left side fairings for my brothers bike. pretty good prices.
Yes call up Ed and order from him. He is pretty good and my part was delayed couple of days but still ended up getting it earlier than what I was told for ETA.
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