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I'd take steel wool or very fine grit paper to the pipe first. If you're going flat black just get some barbecue spray paint. It's readily available and is good to 1200*F. Most of the engine enamels are rated at 600*, Which should be fine but since the muffler gets hot all the time go for the higher rated stuff.

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Thanks guys! There really are so many options out there for the exhaust. You can mod it just about anyway you want as long as it still lets good air flow. haha. Mine is just the "$36 muffler" aka: RR Custom Exhaust. I love it though. I have another stock exhaust I am going to make another modded one.

watcanido said:
looks nice... what kind of paint did you use and how did you prepare the exhuast for painting?
I basically used goof off to clean all the oils and dirt off the exhaust. I washed it off then used water mixed with a little windex to do a final clean. I polished it with a micro fiber cloth. I just know that any kind of dirt or grime on the exhaust would prevent the paint from sticking. I could have sanded it lightly with a 300 grit paper, but I chose not to. I taped off what I didnt want painted, hung it in the air by a wire, then used a 1200 degree black paint. I know a 500 or 800 degree paint would work fine, but I just didnt want it to bubble and flake. I put a total of about 5 coats on. The actual spraying of the paint is the tricky part. You dont want to over spary and have drip spots. So I started with a super light, almost speckle coat first, then let it dry, then speckled more, then dry, then sprayed, then dry, and so on and so on. 5 to 7 coats should be sufficient. I am no expert, so some one please correct me on how to paint if needed. haha.
Thats pretty much it. I am going to mess with some stencils and add to the paint job, but other than that I really like how it looks. Makes it alittle more ninja like. haha.

I love the paint job you did on the stock muff. I'm planning on doing it to, you just beat me to it. I wasn't sure how much of the whole muff to paint, I think seeing yours is all I needed to make up my mind. There's way too much chrome in my opinion (stock muff) for my black stealth bike.

Good Job !!!
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