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- Colour: FLAT BLACK (Make sure it can withstand high heat)
- Sandpaper: 1200 GRIT (No less than 800 grit to avoid noticeable scratches)

1. Remove 2 Bolts for heat shield
2. Clean heat shield
3. Lightly sand heat shield
4. Shake Can
5. Point and Spray
6. Let Dry
7. Re attach with 2 screws

You could even do your stock exhaust tip while your at it :)

** Please note I didnt write this up, the guys over at 2fiddy.com did - original articles below **
Painted Heatshield: http://www.2fiddy.com/2008/07/painted-heatshield-quick-easy-and-sweeeeeet/
Painted Heatshield + Exhaust Tip: http://www.2fiddy.com/2008/07/painted-heat-shield-and-exhaust-tip/

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I spent some time (and dollars) blacking out my 250r, but I could never get the nerve to paint the exhaust. That looks like a nice job you did there. I think the black can was a good idea by Kawi, they should have gone the whole way with it!.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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