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Painted bolts and tires!!!

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I left one bolt unpainted so you can see the difference. The dunlop painted yellow looks good in person. I also ordered a green HR1 can. Ill post pics when i get it on!!!!


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Did you do the "arrowmax gt501" like i did or just the dunlop?
i do like the bolts painted too, they dont seem to grab your eye as much as regular... good job. ;D
Just the dunlop. It turned out nice thx for the idea
Oh and PLEASE let me know about the hr1 can when you get it, i was thinking of doing a black one with the titanium tip... those are sweet looking pipes.
thx. i actually got done painting all of the visable ones last night, about 15 total.
I used this stuff

But they only come in red, yellow & white. So if your looking to do your tires green, you better look elsewhere, or just use some touch up paint, if you can get some to match...
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As far as the bolts, I went to a hobby shop and bought some enamel paint and a paint brush:). I talked to HR1 today and they sent my muff. If I have it by this weekend then im putting that on plus the K&N air filter, shims, 4k light bulb and iridium plugs. Will keep yall posted!!
i tried to paint my tires.... but that was hard so i only did the arrows but i painted my bolts all black too looks so much better!
Painted tires, good idea.

I painted the goodyear's on my jeep from white letters to blacked out when I first bought it so I wouldn't have to go have them turned around to the black side.
hahahha thats coolhave you guys seen the paint that you can color your tire thread looks pertty cool
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