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You'd be a lot better powder coating than painting them.

If you found a coater in your area, you could just stop by and look for a match (or close) to the color of the spring.

The cost to coat a rim in solid red (no clear) would be around $100 ea. You have to remove the wheel bearings and replace them also.

It's more work, but you'd get a finish as good as an original factory one and could change tires without fear of messing up the finish. Any paint you apply from a can isn't going to be that great, and even top quality pro auto paints applied by a pro can't compare to a properly done powder coated finish.

If you decide to powder coat them let me know where you are located (either in this thread or PM) - I may be able to find a Custom Coater in your area.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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