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So I'm up at the U of D and I've been spending a lot of time driving around the Penn/MD border in my truck, scoping things out. I dunno if there's anybody in the area but I'm def down for a ride around the place, just takin random roads and shit, you know, having fun. It's really pretty open country with winding, curving roads and steep inclines. I'm even thinking about living here when I graduate it's that good! ;D
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I am about 30 miles south of DC in MD. I would be up for a ride around the PA/MD/DE area.
I'm in Germantown md and have a ninja 650r.
Would love to find some people to ride with.
I live to faaaa away............:facepalm:


Yeppa, but i do have some great riding here too......:thumb:


Maybe one day when I go back home to NY I can take a trip up north
I lived in Altoona for a while.....
My wife was a traveling nurse so we traveled a lot....
that was a nice area too...

Hey there! I live in the Pottsville area. So, only about 2 hours away from the border
We should get a meet scheduled for May/June time frame for riders in the general area.
Hell yea.
I work like crazy but will make time to ride.
Same here, I work 6 days a week going all over the place. I can take a day or two off though. Where I live, there are quite a few back roads you can get the full sport bike experience on. Lol
Meeting? I would very much like to get a meet set up for those of you in the PA/MD and surrounding states. If anyone is interested please post here
Give me your relative location and we can meet somewhere in the middle if you'd like.
Germantown MD.
But moving to New Florence PA in June
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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