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So me and Kenneth are going to start a round of P90x tomorrow Monday, November 30th! Anyone that has the Dvd's is welcome to join us.

I'm doing Classic!

Body Measurments!
Name: Delta
Weight: 135 (Got no idea dont have a scale, when I find one to borrow I will update)
Height: 5ft 7in
Chest: 33in
Waist: 28in
Hips: 35in
Right Thigh: 20 in
Left Thigh: 20 in
Left Arm: 11 1/2 in
Right Arm: 11 1/2 in

Fit Test!
More info can be found on page 17.
Resting Heart Rate: n/a (Don't have a HR monitor)
Pull-ups: 6
Vertical Leap: 7ft 9in
Push-ups: 25 (Regular)
Toe Touch: + 1 1/2 Inch
Wall Squat: 3min 17 sec
Bicep Curl: 25 Reps @ 19lbs
In & Outs: 40 (Those Hurt)
Heart Rate Maximizer: n/a

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Dug out my old bike, the one with the "peddly things" on it, as in no motor and rode to school with my son this morning. He enjoyed the company and it was a good start to getting some exercise today. I will do my first P90X workout tonight when I get off of work.

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I always wondered what twinkies were!!!
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