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Oversprayed Chain Lube

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Since I got my bike, I have been looking on youtube for the best ways to maintain my bike to keep it looking brand new. I stumbled upon a video on youtube on how to clean your rims from chainlube that was oversprayed.

What you do is after doing a load a laundry, use the used dryer sheets on your rim. This takes the gunk right off with minimal elbow grease. No cleaners needed, just simply those used dryer sheets we always thought were useless haha.

I'd like to give credit to downshift83 from youtube for the great tip. I thought I'd share with you all.
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cheers!! :)
Nice, I always put a bit of cardboard between the chain and the wheel, no overspray for me.


hmm yeah it would be the sensible thing XD

i just put a cloth under it and catch everything on the cloth.
MOst of the spilling occurs while driving.It get worst if you over spray.
So dont spray on to much and do it right after getting back from driving and the chain is still warm.Let it soak in over night.Wipe off access lub oil from chain before next drive.Helps alot.
Thanks man, that's pretty cool to know! Like you said, who knew?
i use a cloth on the underside to catch the overspray. and i use chainwax, so there is no flinging oil everywhere, cause it sticks like a mofo
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