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Overheats in about 5 mins...

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Even if I'm riding it or letting it sit it will overheat in about 5 mins(if that), just did collant change, there's no temp gauge on the bike, there's just a light and it's only been about 80-90 degrees here Lately. Could it be the thermostat bad? I have a 2009 kawasaki ninja 650ex almost 12k miles
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is your radiator fan kicking in normally?
it does, I did a thermostat change and still overheated so I was thinking maybe a sensor? But I'm not sure
read the user's manual that comes with the bike... it recommends not to let the bike idle for a long time... i seem to remember 2 mins max, this is definitely less than the 5 mins you mention
i remember having the overheat light coming on after a long ride, and letting the bike idle while i took time to open the gate, looking for the key, answering phone and all... never happened again after that
Blown head gasket

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