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OTD Price

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I was curious what everyone paid OTD. I've got some outrageous quotes the last couple days. So I'm thinking i may need to wait a couple months and hope that when the 09's come out the price isn't marked up as high. Also thinking of picking up a used older model if i can find one.
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$3928.67 OTD, but I also don't have the bike yet. But that's what the contract says.
$ 4295 included real seat cowl. That was with cash in hand. No bartering because there was only 2 left in green in a 75mile radius and they knew it.

My dealer was not going to get mine in until at least July with no guarantees and gave me the blessing to get it where I could. Gave me back my deposit and everything. That is why we buy our other bikes and gear from them when we can.
I paid 4169.73. One of the first in my area......actually prolly the first, cause I dont see any ever.
i payed 3.900 some odd change. i took a trailer up to va and got it cheaper they were asking 4200 out the door in tn and couldn't keep them in stock and they didn't have the candy blue that i wanted either.
OTD? I'm sorry, I'm brand spankin' new to the world of bikes, vehicles in general actually.
OTD = out the door, is that what you were asking?
7100 + gear + cowl. :p

Don't yet know what the cowls costing me cause they haven't called me to come pick it up.. cheeky fuckers. :p
CSBrad said:
OTD = out the door, is that what you were asking?
Yeah, that was my question. Thanks.
No Prob ******. I here yah ratty the cheeky f*cker over here hasn't called me yet either, and I don't even have a solid price yet, but it should be around or under 4k
$3,770.00 OTD then I had them do my pipes for $500.00
Currently have a contract for $4800 OTD in Las Vegas, but the dealership has not gotten a bike since I put a deposit down 4 weeks ago. Got quoted from another place with one in stock for $6500 OTD!! They sold it the day they got it for that amount..crazy!!
:O omfg 6500! thats just rediculous if it goes that hihg get the 650 or zx6r no joke.... whoever bought it is a complete idiot.
Yeah, I think you could get a 650R OTD for close to $6500, a 500 for sure.
Basic economics, supply and demand. People will pay what its worth to them.

You could wait, shop, wait, shop, wait... sure it ends up owing you more, but least you'll be riding it when people are still waiting. You are paying a preimum to not have to wait. If you can afford that, then who cares, its your money.


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