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Just got my first crotch rocket, a 95 zx6e with 21k on the speedo and a few minor issues, but over all shes in great shape. I paid 1200 for it and had the guy deliver it to my house, 16 miles away, so I think I got a pretty good deal.

Whats wrong with it: missing the fairings on the inside of the top fairing, second-gear gear selector arm is bent so I have to skip second, needs a new ignition switch (currently has some other kind of ignition switch wired into it but it doesn't turn the gauges on), needs a gas cap, rear master cylinder rebuild kit, I think it needs a tensioner but it could also be a collasped lifter or needs a valve adjustment, and the chain on it is one link to short which means the PO had to scoot the tire all the way in, which makes a bolt on the swigarm rub the side of the tire ever so slightly. I'm also missing a fews bolts and screws here and there, but nothing major. It came with a spare back tire that looks to have a few thousand on it, but still has q good amount of tread on it, and a new chain and sprocket set, which will fix the one link to short problem. I need new grips too but thats not really a big deal.

I'm looking forward to learning from you guys!

P.S. I've been looking at some gas caps, as using a screwdriver to open my cap is really friggin annoying, and I'm seeing a lot of "keyless" caps. Was wondering if that means you don't need a key, or if its just a cap that comes with no key and the stock locking mechanism goes inside the hole.
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