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Oil Change

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I am needing to change the oil in mine. What is the best oil and oil filter to use. I have about 100 miles on it. I know a lot of people said to change it at 20 miles or so, but i guess i was a little late reading that. Anyway, any suggestions for oil and filters to use.
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hey i changed the oil at 420 miles the dealer and owners manual say 600 and it runs great i used the kawasaki 4 cycle motorcycle oil recomended by kawasaki and the oem oil filter but if u want the best use k&n oil filter they have them available now and i will be using tht next oil change ..... and if u dnt wanna void warrenty make sure u keep ur reciept for the oil and filter and log it in ur maint book in the back of ur book as u probly already know ,,, just making sure Peace
I changed my own oil at 500 miles with "Kawatech" 10w40 which I bought at a local dealership. It was so friggin' easy. The guy who sold it to me said it was a synthetic blend but Im not sure how accurate that is...
right on yea u really shouldnt switch to synthetic tell about 1,00 miles or more cuz ur bike is still breaking in and with synthetic it doesnt let evevrything set right thts what factory kawasaki guys told me but im sure ull be just fine
I got 250 miles on the bike. I am going to change my oil tomorrow and see what it does.
I bought a FRAM part # CH6007 oil filter, will this fit this bike?
Not sure. Apparently all the auto stores around here don't carry a filter for my bike yet. Where can I gat one? Aside from a $20 dealership one.
I actually changed the oil and filter last night. I bought the FRAM oil filter at Advanced Auto Parts. The part number was FRAM CH6012. Advanced Auto Parts only had FRAM filters for motorcycles. The process to change both was a piece of cake.
the air filters from the dealer ship are not 20 bucks more like 5 bucks and ur best bet and best option is to buy a k&n oil filter they are now available
Got my oil filter from Carquest auto parts for about 6 bux part #89941. Plan on changing the oil this weekend.
antdawgg21 said:
the air filters from the dealer ship are not 20 bucks more like 5 bucks and ur best bet and best option is to buy a k&n oil filter they are now available
I know, it was just a hi-que for how dealerships are, sometimes, over priced. My dealer ship is 8.99 for an oil filter.
It uses the same filter as the first gen Ninja 250. I wouldn't recommend any synthetic oil until at least 1000 or so miles...it is too slippery and your rings need to wear in to get a good seal. Oil change is very easy uses just shy of 2 quarts 10W-40. I'm using motorcycle specific 10W-40 until I switch to synthetic at which point I'll use the Rotella synthetic you can get at walmart. I stole this filter list from another website:

* Amsoil: SMF 101 (No longer available. Replaced by WIX 24941.)
* CarQuest: CFI-89941
* Emgo: 10-37500 (includes O-rings) 10-20300 (doesn't have O-rings)
* Fram: CH6012
* Hastings: LF571
* Honda: 15410-426-010 or 15410-300-024
* Kawasaki: 16099-003
* K&N: KN-401
* NAPA: PS4941 (formerly 4941)
* Perf-Form: OF-0047 (formerly J-501)
* Purolator: ML16812
* STP: SMO-12 (Once readily available, now appears to have been discontinued.)
* Triumph: 1210031
* Vesrah: SF-4004
* WIX: 24941
* Yamaha: 36Y-13441-00
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I use K&N filters, product # KN-401. I use Valvoline 10w40 4 stroke motorcycle oil. Petroleum Based.
Don't switch to synthetic, not necessary, and not healthy for the bike during break in.
No real need to switch to synthetic ever since ninja250 isnt a race bike or supersport. However, if you do switch to synthetic, itd be best after several thousand miles. ~3500 miles or even more.
i have around 500 miles now, and i havent changed yet, im going to soon though.
but everything seems to be running great.
The service guy at the dealership told me that changing to synthetic at any point is not a good idea. He said that most all new bikes , '06-'08 or so, are so far advanced mechanically, that you dont need to do anything special. The bikes come somewhat pre-broken in from the factory, the bikes are designed to run on 87 oct and non synthetic oil is fine for the life of the bike. He said most people switch to "better" oils, filters, gas, ect... because everyone tells them to. Its all in your head. If you feel like its gonna run better, then do it. If not, then dont do it.
any one had a walk through with pics of an oil-change got to do mines by next week....thanks nyc riders if you wana meet up let me know ill arrange a time and place....
I need to do mine soon. I'll do a write-up when I do.
I just changed mine. Sorry, I shoulda got pics and did a how to for everyone. I guess Nick will have to do it.
Ohh, yeah leave all the work to me...thanks! lol
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