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I am going to sound like a total newb here, but I dont care because it is for the greater good. I have a bike with 2000 miles on it roughly, runs great bought it from someone who gave me all of the maintance logs...it is all up to date and everything seems to be in order. I have put 250 miles on the bike, and I was wondering when I should lube the chain? and when should I do the first oil change? Also what is the glass window on the right side of the bike? Is this an oil level indicator? If so, When the bike is sitting level and running where sould the line be?

I feel like an ass for not knowing about it, but hey that is why I joined this forum in the first place...to learn! Any help would be appreciated!

On a side note, anyone have any thoughts on the Woodcraft clipons? I ordered them and I was wondering if anyone had some advice before I go to install?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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